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Nhà máy sản xuất phim chuyên nghiệp 4D / 5D / 6D / 7D tốt nhất tại Trung Quốc.

Nhà Sản phẩmNhà hát Phim 5D

SGS Certification 5D Cinema Movies Theater 3 Seat Black Motion Chairs Genuine Leather

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chất lượng tốt Nhà hát Phim 4D giảm giá
chất lượng tốt Nhà hát Phim 4D giảm giá
I am so glad to cooperate with SHUQEE. Their products with good quality and pretty competitive price. My customers like it very much.

—— Mr Omar Fernado--Colombia

Shuqee’s motion seats are exciting When I experience the roller coaster that is really the kind of immersive feel. We'll keep long term cooperation.

—— Mr. Artur Jastrzebski--Poland

I am so lucky to find SHUQEE's manufacturer,Greatly appreciated to their kind from pre-sale to after-sale service all the time.

—— Mr. Muhammed --Iraq

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SGS Certification 5D Cinema Movies Theater 3 Seat Black Motion Chairs Genuine Leather

Trung Quốc SGS Certification 5D Cinema Movies Theater 3 Seat Black Motion Chairs Genuine Leather nhà cung cấp

Hình ảnh lớn :  SGS Certification 5D Cinema Movies Theater 3 Seat Black Motion Chairs Genuine Leather

Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

Place of Origin: Guangzhou,China
Hàng hiệu: Shuqee
Chứng nhận: CE,ISO9001,SGS,GMC
Model Number: SQS--1880

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Giá bán: $8,000---$15,000
Packaging Details: Safe package: Bubble Pack +stretch films carton+ wood frame
Delivery Time: 15 workdays after received deposit.
Payment Terms: T/T 30% deposit and 70% balance before delivery.
Supply Ability: 200 sets in one month.
Chi tiết sản phẩm
Nếu: Da chính hãng màu của ghế quay phim 5d: đỏ, đen, xanh dương
kính: kính 3d Hệ thống ghế chuyển động 5d: điện / thủy lực / khí nén
ảnh hưởng môi trường: tuyết, mưa, khói, sét vv hiệu ứng đặc biệt của ghế nhà hát 5d: đẩy trở lại, chân tickle, phong trào, rung động
Giấy chứng nhận: SGS, CE Nhà sản xuất: Trung Quốc
Mục giao hàng: bằng đường biển Trọng lượng: 180kg

                           Certification 5D Movie Theater 3 Seat Per Set Black Motion Chairs
What is 5D Movie Theater ?
5D Cinema as a new form of expression, developed on the basis of 4D cinema.
In order to increase more vivid immersive feeling, 5D cinema specially introduce the motion chair, which can make audience moved from left to right, back and forth. Moreover, 5D cinema adopt  the environment special effect into the movie, like rain, snow, wind, bubble, lighting etc. These characteristic  bring audience immersive and virtual reality world.
Motion theater chair ---Dynamic seat control system by operating the control box, the master computer, servo control box several components, each component is integrated in a central console. The control system has a simple operation, reliable performance, adjustable range of motion, and the operation control box from the main control box and auxiliary control box, one of the main operation, display unit and component parts are the best use of imported products and domestic well-known manufacturers products undergo a rigorous screening, strict production process requirements. The control system has a multi-level protection measures in case of an emergency operation, can be easily processed.
Effects of Movie Theater Motion Chairs:
√Movement: Up and down, left and right,
tumbling action front and back, simulation pitch, roll, lift movement, used for
simulation of the film left, to the right of the tumbling run, flight, etc,
forward suspended, fall, up to see, rise etc.
√Vibration: Built-in seat cushion inside, the function can push up
and down, realize the vibration of 12 Hz, make the audience feel the up and
down "vibration" feel
√Leg tickle: Each small elastic air hose under the seat suspension, when
film has rats, snakes, insects and animal, hose will pat the audience calf
place, can simulate the animals to drill leg of the audience.
√Push Back: The back of the seat with the new
equipment, the effect can push forward, realize 5 Hz the vibration frequency,
make the audience feel on the back of the suddenly "vibration", have
intense "Push Back" and "Electric shock" feeling.
Our  Advantage of 5D Cinema Motion Chair




CE; ISO9001:2008; GMC; Patent Certificates


Motion seat constructed using fiberglass body, integrated molding, solid & stable, and easy maintenance.

5d movie theater Seats Type

VIP single chair; Super-experienced double chair; High-cost 3people/set chair; Economic 4people/set chair

Private Customized

Customized interior scenes; Customize the appearance of the theme and seat design

Opening Control System

Opening theater control system, can be directly run theater docking and control, to remotely control a predetermined film, self-ticketing, a key screenings, remote control switches, etc. Saving labor and management cost unified ticketing system.

5D Movie Theater Motion Chairs Classified as below :
1.platfrom chairs : 6 seats , 9 seats ,12 seats or customized
2.luxury chairs : 2seats/set , 3seats/seats , color : black ,red or customized 
3.standard chairs : 3seats/set , 4seats /set 
5D Movie we can provide you : (about 170 set ) 
Alibaba Roller Coaster , Alibaba adventure , The Cretaceous Journey , Glacier adventure, Through
Dinosaur Valley, Undercrossing Maze, Forest Adventure,The Earth Adventures 1, Polar
hurricane,Breathtaking bumper car and so on .
Our services :

1.We provide a professional design for cinema overall layout,special effects equipment installation figure and circuit line figure according to your space size.

2.We can offer free service such as,cabin design,advertisement or experience marketing planning for you.
3.We offer you the professional installation guid video or dispatch our technician to your location to help you install the cinema.
Why choose us :

  1. Certificate: CE, ISO9001:2008, GMC, Patent Certificates;
  2. The top team to research and develop the intelligent 4DM theater system – All electric system of green environmental protection;
  3. Perfectly transform 3D cinema into 4D cinema - Environmental effects deep accurate synchronization;
  4. Dozens of related technology patents – Focused more professional;
  5. Customized design – Prominent theme;
  6. Standard cinema construction process – High-grade effect assurance;
  7. Respond within one working days – Instant after- sale service.

Our Main business / products
4D 5D 7D XD motion effects cinema, the special effects
film , indoor and outdoor large amusement center, interactive entertainment
experience, simulation system, cinema equipment, personal family audio-visual
scheme, stereoscopic dynamics cinema overall solutions (such as flat screen,
arc screen , circular screen, globular screen etc),movie derivative ornaments.

When the movie into the big-screen format from 3D movie era, to the current rapid development of shock theater, the new technology to create exciting viewing mode, attracting more and more viewers into the cinema has become the future development of video hall trend.
After-sale service
About Control system is free lifetime and be updated; 2years free for motion chair;1 year free for other



SGS Certification 5D Cinema Movies Theater 3 Seat Black Motion Chairs Genuine Leather

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